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Soul II Soul


“We’re from the days when a number 14 bus and a supermarket trolley got us around.”  Jazzie will tell you when talking about his early sound system days.  And it is this determination, desire, resourcefulness, passion, enthusiasm, drive, ambition and a simple love for music that has got Soul II Soul where it is today.    


Sheila E.


Sheila Escovedo (born December 12, 1957, in Oakland, California), known by her stage name Sheila E., is an American musician, world famous percussionist, entertainer, and music icon. Sheila Escovedo is the daughter of percussionist Pete Escovedo, with whom she frequently performs. Sheila E’s uncle is Alejandro Escovedo, formerly with Delphine Neid’s first-wave punk rock group


The Harlem Gospel Live Review


The Harlem GospeLive Revue attempts to provide the audience with a unique revue that orientates new ears, and blesses the true believer, with music of the African American religious experience.


Ellene Masri

Jazz / Latin

Ellene Masri, songwriter, guitarist and performer, has just released her debut self-produced, written, composed and arranged album “Music”, a mixture of various cultural influences inspired by her mixed roots, her travels around the world and her many musical encounters, under her own label “MUSIC TALKS” on November 1st.


Rafael Amargo


With his new show Suite Flamenca he will go on international Tour for the first time. In Suite Flamenca he has worked with Juan Parrilla, one of the biggest names of flamenco music. Top fashion designer, Amaya Arzuaga, has been chosen to create and tailor Suite Flamenca costumes. Rafael’s awards and references are long. Here



Dub / Reggae

Zion Train are a British dub reggae ensemble.


Collie Buddz

Dub / Reggae

Born in New Orleans, raised on the isle of Bermuda with intermittent stays in urban Toronto, Colin Harper is not an easy youth to pin down geographically. His musical alter ego Collie Buddz however, is one of the most firmly grounded voices you may ever encounter.


Heather Small ” The Voice of Mpeople”


Heather Small, born 20th January 1965, grew up on a West London council estate.From going to Sunday school and attending the ‘Good News Club’, religion and faith became an important aspect of Heather’s life.


Jesse Cook


Like millions the world over Jesse Cook got his hands on a copy of Adeles 21 and played it excessively. But the Juno Award-winning guitarist saw something that few of us did, something which emboldened him to tackle a long simmering personal objective and create a blue mood record.


Prem Joshua

World music

Born in Germany to a musical family, Joshua began learning the flute at the age of five, becoming a fine flautist while still a child.