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Smoove & Turell

Dub / Reggae

“It’s a badly kept secret that a lot of people believe John’s heading for future stardom – with a voice with the timbre of the greats of Soul music. Who could deny that?For Smoove and Turrell, their time is coming, and soon.”


Robert Davi sings Sinatra


While he is recognized as one of film’s best-known tough guys, Robert Davi has been winning the respect and admiration of fans, critics and fellow artists with his expressive singing. His Album, Davi Sings Sinatra: On The Road To Romance, produced by the legendary Phil Ramone, catapulted its way into Billboard magazine’s top ten (#6)


Vladimir Cetkar

Soul, Funk, Jazz

Soul-Funk-Jazz-Retro meets 21st century Vladimir Cetkar’s new material, just recorded in Dubway studios in NYC, took a variety of music critics by storm already.


The Isley Brothers


The words “Legend” and “Icon” are often used in the music industry but they are no more fitting then when used to describe the incredible career of The Isley Brothers.


Soul II Soul


“We’re from the days when a number 14 bus and a supermarket trolley got us around.”  Jazzie will tell you when talking about his early sound system days.  And it is this determination, desire, resourcefulness, passion, enthusiasm, drive, ambition and a simple love for music that has got Soul II Soul where it is today.    


Edith Lettner & African Jazz Spirit


EDITH LETTNER (musician, composer, painter) “In music, painting and in my daily life improvisation and spontaneity are very important to me. I have got to be on the move, constantly. Over the last couple of years I have reached what I consider to be perfection: I no longer reside, I commute with my travel bag


H_art The Band


“In hope, dreams are dreamt and the dreamers go out there to chase that dream till it’s in their reach” – H_ART the BAND. Clinging on to a vision of changing the world with their art, these three versatile artists Mordecai Mwini Kimeu, Wachira Gatama and Kenneth Muya Mukhwana have defied all odds against them


Brian McKnight

R & B

One of the most consistent contemporary soul artists, Brian McKnight has released 15 albums to date with several going two and three times platinum. Was born on June 5th, 1969 in Buffalo, New York, United States, McKnight’s talent is not only as a song-writer or producer but also as a multi-instrumentalist who plays eight instruments


Julio Iglesias

Jazz / Latin

Julio Iglesias has sold more than 300 million copies of his 80 albums released worldwide, including original versions in various languages, compilations and live albums, which make him the Latin artist who has sold the most albums in history.


Barclay James Harvest feat. Les Holroyd


The Barclay James Harvest story begins in the early sixties in the Oldham area of North-West England. John Lees and Stuart “Woolly” Wolstenholme met at Oldham Art School, and formed a band called The Sorcerers, which evolved into The Keepers. Meanwhile Les Holroyd and Mel Pritchard were playing in another local outfit rejoicing in the