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A Concert Europe exkluzív kínálatában

Musafir of Rajasthan

World music

The Thar Desert, The sand, The silence. A man is coming, white dressed, wearing a dazzling colorful turban. He is sitting cross-legged and is starting to play a fabulous melody with his jew-harp, accompanied by the rhythm of the dholak and bring you to the wanderers, who are Musafir, travellers since centuries all over the


Edith The Show


My involvement in the movie « La Vie En Rose » is mostly due to total luck or to what I would call luck! It was in February 2005, I was preparing an EDITH PIAF concert as the public continued to ask me to sing her songs during my concerts. I had decided I would read more about her life.


Makossa & Megablast


From the primordial drum beat of Africa, we have come far. The earliest origin of rhythmic drum objects and talking drums of the motherland, to the brand new long player from Vienna’s finest electronic drum ensemble Makossa and Megablast. Welcome to ‘Soy Como Soy’. In 2007 the duo along with a host of talented singers


Maxi Priest

Dub / Reggae

Reggae music has flourished in this post-Internet age. It’s never been so accessible and yet whilst new acts are plentiful, global audiences are still drawn towards those legends who achieved worldwide recognition the hard way; i.e. by making hits of timeless appeal, and are stamped with authenticity.


Michael Bolton


Michael Bolton, the multiple Grammy Award-winning Singer, Songwriter and Social Activist, who has sold more than 65 million albums and singles worldwide, continues to tour the world every year, all while writing, recording and taping for a wide array of projects spanning music, film, television and branded entertainment.


The Baha Men

hip hop

“After twenty years, the Baha Men are an overnight success,” read the headline in Rolling Stone magazine as it heralded the phenomenon of the band’s breakthrough single, “Who Let The Dogs Out.”



Magic Showact

Amazement is not only exceptional entertainment. Amazement is the literal art of life.


Barclay James Harvest feat. Les Holroyd


The Barclay James Harvest story begins in the early sixties in the Oldham area of North-West England. John Lees and Stuart “Woolly” Wolstenholme met at Oldham Art School, and formed a band called The Sorcerers, which evolved into The Keepers. Meanwhile Les Holroyd and Mel Pritchard were playing in another local outfit rejoicing in the


Stick Figure

Dub / Reggae

Stick Figure is a Southern California-based roots reggae/dub band .


Snow White On Ice

Classic Iceshow

The world famous Russian Ice Stars will take you on an a magical journey to the heart of the best loved fairy tale of all time, Snow White, on Ice.