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A Concert Europe exkluzív kínálatában

The Temptations rev feat Dennis Edwards


Dennis Edwards – Born February 3, 1943 in Birmingham, Alabama to Reverend and Mrs. Dennis Edwards Sr., he began singing as a toddler, just two years old, in his fathers’ church.


Albano Carrisi


Italian pop singer Albano Carrisi was born May 20, 1943, in the town of Cellino San Marco. His uncommon name, often found written Al Bano, came from his father’s Albanian post during World War II. Like many Italian singers, Al Bano first proved himself as a musician participating in the nation’s extensive song festival and


Ellene Masri

Jazz / Latin

Ellene Masri, songwriter, guitarist and performer, has just released her debut self-produced, written, composed and arranged album “Music”, a mixture of various cultural influences inspired by her mixed roots, her travels around the world and her many musical encounters, under her own label “MUSIC TALKS” on November 1st.


The «Original» Blues Brothers Band


The Original BLUES BROTHERS BAND is alive and well. Original members hand-picked by JOHN BELUSHI and DAN AYKROYD have assembled the ultimate rhythm and blues review and have emerged as a powerful entity in their own right.


Musafir of Rajasthan

World music

The Thar Desert, The sand, The silence. A man is coming, white dressed, wearing a dazzling colorful turban. He is sitting cross-legged and is starting to play a fabulous melody with his jew-harp, accompanied by the rhythm of the dholak and bring you to the wanderers, who are Musafir, travellers since centuries all over the


Jono McCleery


Jono McCleery is a London based solo artist, who recently signed to Ninja Tune. He completed his 1st album ‘Darkest Light’ independently in 2008 which was self-produced and funded by his fans, including folk-star Vashti Bunyan and BBC radio DJs Tom Robinson and Fiona Talkington. He collaborated with The Part Time Heroes on their debut


Juno Reactor


This summer sees JUNO REACTOR, the genre-straddling, trail-blazing extravaganza started in the early 90s by Ben Watkins, appearing at the world’s major festivals, celebrating 20 years as one of most idiosyncratic but globally popular names to come out of the electronic dance music revolution. During this time, while Juno Reactor’s music has sound tracked anything


Real McCoy


Real McCoy is a famous German Eurodance act that enjoyed worldwide popularity and success in the mid-90’s, when their hit single “Another Night” became a Top-40 hit in multiple countries.


Sons of Buena Vista


It all began with Wim Wenders’ “Musica Cubana”.  The movie, which was released in 2004 and screened in eighteen countries, tells the tale of a young Cuban band which rose to global stardom.  And now what was fiction in the film seems to be happening for real.  Under the name of The Sons of Buena