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Jocelyn Brown


Jocelyn Brown is a woman with a powerful, soul shaking voice that reaches out with extended arms and engulfs your musical desires. “I Got The Power” a sample of Jocelyn’s voice Snap’s international one single “The Power”, totally astonished the Artiste herself when arriving in a club for a performance and hearing her voice repeatedly. 


Kurtis Blow

hip hop

Kurtis Blow, one of the founders and creators of recorded rap, stands as an emerging leader in a new generation of rappers with street sense, social criticism, and commercial savvy, a timeless artist and hip hop legend, Kurtis Blow has been instrumental in raising up a generation of MC’s, and he will soon carry the torch for hip hop music into new arenas.



Magic Showact

Amazement is not only exceptional entertainment. Amazement is the literal art of life.


Young James Brown


Tony Wilson, endorsed as the YOUNG JAMES BROWN by the Godfather of Soul himself, is a Chicago native, and has entertainment in his blood.




Blender of genres (jazz, blues, soul..), having shared the stage with a number of virtuoso musicians – Archie Shepp, Louis Sclavis, Joachim Kühn, Klaus Doldinge,.. the magician of musical encounters, Majid Bekkas (oud, guembri, singing) is back in a trio format and reconnects with the authenticity that made “African Gnaoua Blues” such a critical success.


Maggie Reilly


Maggie Reilly has covered vast musical ground. From the jazz/funk of Cado Belle, her collaboration with Prog rocker Mike Oldfield. Duets with Jack Bruce (Cream) and Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd) as well as a collaboration with the goth-rockers Sisters Of Mercy followed. Guiding her through early nineties Euro pop and her thoughtful solo albums of the last decade.


Iba Mahr

Dub / Reggae

Iba Mahr, the young sensation for authentic Jamaican reggae/ lover’s rock genre. Born January 21, he was given the name Mario Greaves at birth but has emerged with strong African culture, thus granted the name by friends, Iba MaHr, ‘Iba’ an African name, meaning Humble and Calm while ‘MaHr’ is really an acronym, meaning Mario


Brian McKnight

R & B

One of the most consistent contemporary soul artists, Brian McKnight has released 15 albums to date with several going two and three times platinum. Was born on June 5th, 1969 in Buffalo, New York, United States, McKnight’s talent is not only as a song-writer or producer but also as a multi-instrumentalist who plays eight instruments


Michael Bolton


Michael Bolton, the multiple Grammy Award-winning Singer, Songwriter and Social Activist, who has sold more than 65 million albums and singles worldwide, continues to tour the world every year, all while writing, recording and taping for a wide array of projects spanning music, film, television and branded entertainment.


Prem Joshua

World music

Born in Germany to a musical family, Joshua began learning the flute at the age of five, becoming a fine flautist while still a child.